This is what smile transformation dreams are made of! Ashley came to us with multiple dental issues, but her main problem was with her worn down teeth. They felt brittle, lacked luster and brightness and were flat and chipping away from her clenching and grinding. Additionally, she had large amalgam (silver) restorations in her back teeth that were ready to be replaced. Together, we did an upper gingivectomy to lengthen her smile, crowned the large amalgam restorations for a more aesthetic appearance and stability and placed veneers on her front teeth to restore what was lost from grinding her teeth, while also restoring the brightness and sheen back to her smile. She’s loving the results, and so are we!

With clenching and grinding being so common in this day and age, we find it so important to preserve the smile, protecting it from this type of wearing. In Ashley’s case, and in most of our patients cases, we placed her in a night guard once her smile makeover was complete. This will help protect the teeth and prevent problems like this from happening in the future while also treating related issues from clenching and grinding.