The Chicago Dental Studio Editorial Policy

The Chicago Dental Studio Editorial Policy

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The company, The Chicago Dental Studio, is dedicated to providing website visitors with the most up-to-date news and information in the dental industry. The company aims to ensure that research and research-based expertise reaches key audiences, positively influencing decision-making and outcomes.

We have found blogs are one way – but certainly not the only way – to help achieve this. But they should be viewed as an initial output to facilitate further engagement and stimulate interest, rather than an end in themselves.

When used in conjunction with other tools, such as media relations, events, and targeted stakeholder communications, at the right time, they can bring about positive outcomes for visitors wanting to improve their dental health.

The Chicago Dental Studio aims to;

  • Promote a wider understanding and awareness of the dental industry.

  • Facilitate the sharing and exchange of knowledge and expertise between our medical experts and the general public.

  • Provide a shop window and initial touchpoint for audiences to engage further with our topics and services.


All publications on this website are published without any subscription, registration, or access fees required from the user. Users are allowed to read, search, and link to all pages on The Chicago Dental Studio website. Users are not allowed to duplicate, republish, or download the content on The Chicago Dental Studio website.  

Republishing policy

We do not allow republishing of articles by third parties. Any third parties republishing content from The Chicago Dental Studio website will be sent a cease and desist letter to remove the piece of content in question. Should the content not be removed upon request, The Chicago Dental Studio team will take legal action against the third party who is illegally republishing our content. 

Quality Standards

The Chicago Dental Studio strives to uphold the highest research, ethical, and quality standards for the content that we receive and publish, regardless of its format. Our marketing and editorial teams monitor the adherence to these standards of all parties involved, including the Authors and the Editors. If we suspect any breach of research or ethical standards or any other type of misconduct at any stage of the publishing process, we will remove the content from our website until further investigation has taken place. If the suspicion is confirmed, the content will be removed from the website permanently. 


For questions surrounding content on the website, please email

Updated: February 2024