Ariana’s original plan was to travel overseas to get a smile makeover after her friend went to get hers done. She had a change of heart though once her friend returned. Although her friend was able to get her smile makeover for next to nothing, Ariana felt the aesthetic of the work was less than ideal. She did not like how fake and white her friend’s teeth looked and didn’t think it would be the best fit for her personally. This is when she decided to do some research and get a second opinion. She found Dr. Hoffman and knew that the quality of his work was exactly what she was looking for. She wanted a bright, white smile that looked customized to her unique features and that’s exactly what she got! All in, Ariana had a professional in-office whitening, veneers on her upper 6 front teeth with a gingivectomy (gum contouring). She is SO happy with her decision and learned first hand that you truly do get what you pay for!