TV personality Christopher Bukowski sought out Dr. Hoffman’s cosmetic dental expertise when in the market for a smile makeover. It wasn’t that Chris hated his smile, he actually suffered from clenching and grinding which had cause his teeth to wear down to the point that he lost his canine guidance. This is when your canine teeth are no longer guiding and protecting your back teeth from occluding when sliding your jaw from side to side. It can also be referred to as canine-protected occlusion. Dr. Hoffman had to restore Christopher’s canine guidance to stabilize and protect his teeth from further damage caused from TMJ. If a smile makeover was done without this correction, the veneers would fail as improper occlusion would occur, causing chipping and breaking. All in, Chris had Invisalign, a professional in-office whitening, 6 veneers on his upper teeth and a custom retainer/guard to protect his teeth and preserve his veneers.