This was an intense case. Gerald sought out many doctors to help with his jaw problems only to be told jaw surgery would be his only option, something Gerald wasn’t totally onboard with. Rather than moving forward with surgery, he decided to get one more opinion. He came to see Dr. Hoffman and couldn’t believe his ears. Dr. Hoffman informed him that he would be able to relieve his jaw ailments, while also delivering him the aesthetic results he wanted. How could this be? Dr. Hoffman told him that his case is tricky, but not the first he has done like this. What it comes down to is experience. Dr. Hoffman has taken on many challenges like this and delivered successful results without the need for jaw surgery. Gerald was afraid it was too good to be true, but decided to move forward because it was a better option to try than jaw surgery. To his amazement, Dr. Hoffman did indeed correct his jaw problems, alleviating all issues while also enhancing the appearance of his smile. Gerald is beyond happy (to say the least) and recommends Dr. Hoffman to everyone in the same situation he was in.