This patient wanted to completely redo his smile. He was unhappy with several aspects of his teeth and ready to finally fix it. He came to see Dr. Hoffman and together they did a full mouth rehabilitation. What is a full mouth rehabilitation (FMR)? Well, as the name implies, a full mouth rehab is a procedure that rebuilds and/or replaces most to all of the teeth in a patients mouth. FMR combines aesthetics with restorative dentistry to not only improve the beauty of the mouth, but the health and function as well.


FMR’s are not simple procedures and should be done by a skilled dentist to get long lasting and optimal results. So when on the search for this procedure, do your research! Make sure the dentist you choose is well-versed in this procedure by going on consultations, checking reviews, viewing previous FMR cases on their website, and obtaining suffice knowledge and understanding of how the doctor will be able to achieve success in this procedure for you.