Straight, properly aligned teeth are not just ideal from a cosmetic standpoint, they are also crucial for maintaining proper oral health. Molly is a prime example of just how important a properly aligned bite is. Her misalignment caused her to contact on her teeth too hard, creating issues with clenching and grinding. As a result, her teeth developed abfractions. Abfractions are notches on the teeth along the gum line, which are not caused from decay, but rather, a condition caused by excessive stress and pressure on the teeth from clenching and grinding. They can be unsightly and also sensitive as they are areas unprotected from enamel. To not only cosmetically fix, but to also correct the core issue of Molly’s smile, Dr. Hoffman first treated her with Invisalign (to properly align her bite) and placed 4 veneers on her upper teeth (with gum contouring). Not only does her smile look amazing now, but it functions properly as well which is most important!