Shane had issues with clenching and grinding, causing his teeth to chip and wear down, creating visible issues with both; the appearance and functionality of his front teeth. This is common among people with bruxism when not treated in early stages. The pressure from the jaw is so powerful, it begins to wear down the bite and causes abfractions, chipping or breaking of the natural tooth structure, all leading to sensitivity and issues with comfort and proper alignment of the teeth. When left unaddressed, repair can be major, but restoration is possible. Shane’s case was considered moderate. We needed to restore his bite worn away from grinding while also enhancing the appearance of the teeth to their original look and feel. We did a combination of veneers and crowns on teeth 6-11 and finalized his smile transformation with the creation of a night guard; an appliance worn at night, or during waking times to help protect the teeth from the affects of clenching and grinding. Shane’s smile is now functionally restored and looks better than ever! 


If you have issues with clenching and grinding and want to know your treatment options, schedule a consult with our studio.