What to Expect During Your First Visit to CDS

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Going to the dentist has definitely changed since you were younger. What’s changed you ask? Practically everything. This isn’t your parents dental office, so knowing what to expect at your visit will have you counting down the days until your first appointment.

Let’s start at the beginning. Right from the start we put YOU first. This is your dental experience and no one else’s so making sure we tailor an experience that fits your needs and wants is everything. From the moment you visit our studio, you can’t help but think ‘this place was made for me’ and you’re right, it was!

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We know how modern life works and we work to keep it modern. As things change so do we. Right now, you can enjoy our virtually contactless check-in process because keeping things clean and you safe during these unprecedented times is so important. You will have a quick, touch-free screening to make sure you’re well for your visit and fill-out any digital paperwork that wasn’t done prior to your appointment on one of our sterilized iPads.

Now you’re ready to be seen by one of our top-notch professionals and since we hate waiting, we’re not going to make you wait either. Enjoy our no wait waiting room. We refuse to waste your time and will come get you right away to begin your dental visit so you can get in, get out, and on with your day.

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Now that you’re in the dental chair, your visit begins. This is where your dental professional will start to get the scoop on your mouth. With state-of-the-art technology, you know your mouth is going to get the royal treatment. We start with a 3D scan of your teeth and take intraoral images to make sure we can see everything we need to assess your oral health. That’s right, no more choking on a billion x-rays, we’re one and done! Now, it’s time for your cleaning. You’re going to love this cleaning experience, it feels like a spa for your mouth. Sit back and relax while enjoying the killer playlist we have playing in our studio, or feel free to wear a set of our noise-canceling headphones and jam out to your own music.

After you’re so fresh and so clean, the doctor will see you and go over the health of your teeth and conduct an oral cancer screening. No issues? GREAT! We’ll schedule your next 6-month visit. Some problems? No problem! The doctor will let you know exactly what is going on and what treatment needs to be done. And rest assured we have your best interest in mind. We will never, ever recommend care that you don’t need.

This brings us to the end of your visit. We’re sad to see you go, but we know we will see you again. This is where we give you a bunch of goodies for coming to see us and schedule your next visit. The rest of the day is yours. Yup, it’s that simple.

Welcome to your new dentist.

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Author: Dr. Nathan Hoffman

Doctor / Practice Owner

Dr. Nathan Hoffman’s philosophy is to provide quality care in a warm, comfortable environment, maintain the highest standards of practice and strive for perfection in all aspects of dentistry. Dr. Nathan Hoffman is continually expanding his education and is ever evolving with the newest advancements in dentistry, offering the latest techniques and technology to his patients.