Headache with Invisalign: Does Invisalign Cause Headaches?

headaches from Invisalign


The short answer is, no.

Invisalign does not cause headaches. However, the process of straightening  teeth can be associated with headaches, regardless of the teeth straightening treatment method used.

But since it’s a relevant question, let’s explore the topic further. Don’t miss the useful tips on minimizing headaches during treatment to straighten your teeth.

Can Invisalign Cause Headaches?

When using Invisalign, a popular orthodontic procedure that employs transparent aligners to straighten teeth, headaches are a frequent adverse effect. Most people who use Invisalign do not, however, experience headaches, and those who do may only feel mild discomfort that passes quickly.

Anyone thinking about using Invisalign should be aware that headaches are not a given adverse effect and that most pain can be treated with over-the-counter painkillers or minor aligner modifications.

Invisalign headaches

Why Am I Getting Headaches With My New Invisalign?

Due to the pressure placed on the teeth and jaw, headaches are a frequent adverse reaction to orthodontic treatment, including Invisalign.

With the use of invisible aligners, teeth are progressively moved into the ideal position, which may result in some soreness or discomfort.

Additionally, this pressure may result in headaches, particularly in the initial days after receiving a new set of aligners. As the teeth adapt to their new position over time, the headaches should lessen.

How Do I Prevent Headaches with Invisalign?

There are numerous things you can take if you are experiencing headaches while undergoing Invisalign treatment. First, confirm that you are wearing your aligners as directed by your dentist or orthodontist and that you are doing so for the correct number of hours each day.

Try taking over-the-counter painkillers if the headaches don’t go away if they do. The muscles can also be relaxed and tension relieved by using a warm compress or soaking in a warm bath.

If the headaches continue, consult your dentist or orthodontist, who may be able to modify your treatment plan to alleviate any discomfort.

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