How To Know If You Have A Cavity: 6 Signs & Symptoms You Should Know

how to know if you have a cavity

Being unaware of the symptoms of cavities often results in neglecting the condition of your teeth, which then results in your cavities worsening over time.

If you suspect that you have a cavity or are anxious about the state of your dental health, scheduling an appointment at a high-end dental studio can set your mind at ease and ensure that your teeth are taken care of.

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Signs and Symptoms of Cavity

Signs of tooth decay are numerous but often present themselves in subtle ways. In order to catch cavities early on and avoid some of the detriment that they cause, being aware of the many symptoms of cavities will aid you in getting cavities and potential cavities treated before they develop too far.

The following sections outline some of the main signs of cavities that adults often overlook.

Sensitivity to Heat and Cold

In many cases, tooth sensitivity to temperatures indicates that a cavity could be developing and that a patient should schedule an appointment with a dentist as soon as possible.

Even in the event that the sensitivity is not being caused by a cavity, there’s a high likelihood that something is amiss (sensitivity also may indicate that the protective enamel covering your teeth is being worn down due to teeth grinding or over brushing).


Tooth discoloration such as yellowing, graying, or blackening often indicates the presence of a cavity. If you have started noticing a dark spot on a tooth, seeing a dentist is your best course of action as they can remedy the cavity and prescribe teeth whitening treatments to restore your smile to full health and beauty.

Not only is a black spot on a tooth reason for concern for dental health reasons, it can also cause you to feel self-conscious or anxious — both good reasons to have the spot treated as soon as possible.


Perhaps the most common indicator of a cavity, tooth sensitivity is often the first tell-tale sign to a patient that something is wrong with their dental health. A toothache is never a benign symptom, it always indicates an issue which requires action in order to remedy.

Whether your toothache is indicative of a cavity or another dental issue, getting it treated by a dentist is essential.

Bad Breath

The bacteria which is responsible for cavities and tooth decay often is accompanied by persistent, unpleasant breath. If you have begun noticing that your breath is consistently bad and you have a difficult time freshening it even with toothpaste and mouthwash, this is a sign of bacteria presence and possible cavities.

Bleeding and Swollen Gums

Gum health is essential to overall oral health. When the gums are neglected, bacteria can get trapped in the cracks between the teeth and cavities will begin to form.

To improve gum health and prevent cavities of this nature from forming, flossing everyday is recommended along with routine visits to your dentist.

Hole In Your Tooth

One of the most common (visible) signs of a cavity is a hole or pit in a tooth. If a cavity is this evident, it requires immediate treatment as the cavity will continue to grow as bacteria eats away at the tooth and causes it to rot.

If left untreated, cavities like these can spread to the root of a tooth and can cause jawbone damage — a condition which requires expensive, invasive, and lengthy procedures to treat.

Do Cavities Matter if They Are on Baby Teeth?

Cavities negatively impact a patient’s overall oral health and hygiene, regardless of whether the teeth they are affecting are adult or baby teeth. Because the health of a child’s baby teeth as well as the dental practices established in childhood will likely affect a person into adulthood, it’s essential to treat baby teeth with the same care as adult teeth, making routine visits to the dentist, flossing daily, brushing twice a day, and getting cavities filled when they appear.

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