Anna had fallen on her two front teeth when she was younger leaving her with chipped teeth which she had bonding done on to correct. The bonding fell off multiple times and she grew frustrated at constantly having to fix it. She was looking for a more permanent solution. After coming in for a cosmetic consult with Dr. Hoffman, he also pointed out to her that she lacked canine guidance due to clenching and grinding her teeth which needed to be corrected and informed her that it could be a contributing factor as to why she had issues with her bonding constantly falling out. To get everything corrected, Dr. Hoffman treated Anna with a professional in-office whitening, veneers on her front two teeth and composite to teeth numbers 6, 7, 11, 22 and 27 to balance everything properly. Anna is so happy with her smile now and above all, happy she doesn’t have to worry about her teeth anymore!