The Chicago Dental Studio: No 1. Top-Rated Invisalign General Provider in North America

Invisalign General Provider


The Chicago Dental Studio has achieved a significant milestone. It has been recognized as the number one General Provider in North America by Invisalign. 

The announcement was made official by Invisalign this month. Dr. Nathan Hoffman, owner of Chicago Dental Studio, was informed about this achievement during a dinner hosted by the clear aligner company. It is indeed a moment of great pleasure and pride for the entire team.

Being recognized as a top provider by Invisalign is an excellent achievement for any dental care provider. It requires completing a significant number of cases with precision and accuracy, using advanced technology, and successfully handling complex cases. Invisalign’s assessment of the top providers representing their brand is a significant recognition and a matter of great pride.

Patients at The Chicago Dental Studio can now receive the best possible treatment for Invisalign in the city. Thanks to the advanced techniques of Invisalign treatment, even complex cases are handled with accuracy and reduced treatment times while still delivering successful results. 

The Chicago Dental Studio proudly brags about its exceptional treatment – and rightfully so!

“It is truly an honor to have received such a high ranking from Invisalign, and we are grateful for the trust our patients have placed in us to help them achieve their best smile,” said Dr. Hoffman.

The Chicago Dental Studio will continue to deliver exceptional results and exceed expectations regarding Invisalign treatments and extend their gratitude to Invisalign for creating an excellent product that enables them to provide the best possible care to their patients. Contact us today!

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Author: Dr. Nathan Hoffman

Doctor / Practice Owner

Dr. Nathan Hoffman’s philosophy is to provide quality care in a warm, comfortable environment, maintain the highest standards of practice and strive for perfection in all aspects of dentistry. Dr. Nathan Hoffman is continually expanding his education and is ever evolving with the newest advancements in dentistry, offering the latest techniques and technology to his patients.