Patrice was looking to improve her smile – one thing that was really important to her in doing so was preserving the unique characteristics of her smile. She told us that she always had a gap in her teeth, it’s from her fathers side – and for that reason, it was important she kept it. As you can see in her before images, the gap in her teeth was much larger, and she felt her teeth were small and getting more spaced as she got older – so she knew it was time to get things fixed. All in, Dr. Hoffman treated Patrice with Invisalign, a professional in-office whitening, and veneers on upper teeth 4-13. She wanted to do this for herself and LOVES the results – especially preserving the feature she loved most about her smile – her gap.  She admitted to us though, that it’s frustrating people don’t automatically know she got her teeth done because of all she did to fix them, but we think that’s the ultimate goal and music to our ears 😉