Savannah initially reached out to our office about getting Invisalign to treat shifted teeth from not wearing her retainer after braces when she was younger.  Once she completed treatment, she wanted to take it a step further to dial in her smile. She always wanted veneers on her front teeth, but heard from friends and colleagues that they have to shave your teeth down in order to get them done – something she was not interested in doing at all. She had a conversation with Dr. Hoffman about this and was surprised to learn that Dr. Hoffman does not shave teeth to do veneers. He informed her that he simply polishes the surface of the tooth, to create an ideal environment to adhere a ceramic veneer to. She was so happy to learn this and moved forward with 4 veneers on her front upper teeth (with gum contouring) Now that her smile transformation is complete, she is beaming! She could not be happier about the way her smile looks and wants everyone to know about her experience.