Dental Veneers: Cost, Insurance, Procedure, & Results

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Dental veneers are an innovative and modern dental solution for individuals trying to achieve the perfect smile. 

Because many people judge others based on their smile, it’s no surprise that we all want to have perfect teeth. For university students, young professionals, and even those far into their careers, having an aligned and clean smile is a huge source of confidence in professional and private life. 

If you’re hoping to make your smile perfect, ceramic veneers offer an exciting solution for chipped teeth, gaps between teeth, and other dental damage. Continue reading to learn about veneer cost, how insurance works for this treatment, and more. 

Dental Veneers: An Overview

Veneers are thin coverings that adhere to the natural teeth of a patient. Aside from their aesthetic ability to restore vibrancy to stained teeth, veneers also improve dental functionality and comfort. 

Veneers are especially beneficial for patients with gappy or chipped teeth as they can amend both these issues, making it easier for patients to chew and eat. 

Average Cost of Dental Veneers

The type of veneers that you get impact the overall cost dramatically. Here is a summary of the different types of veneers, their price points, and their quality to help you figure out what type would be best for you:

  • Ceramic veneers. These are popular due to their minimal impact on surrounding gum tissue and their ability to blend in with an individual’s natural teeth.
  • Composite veneers. Comprised of composite resin (a mixture of organic and inorganic materials), this type of veneer is generally more cost-effective than porcelain ones. However, they have the trade-off of being less durable. can last for more than two decades (if they are taken care of properly). 

Does Dental Insurance Cover Veneers?

Since dental ceramic veneers are viewed by many as a purely cosmetic dental procedure, the procedure is rarely covered by medical insurance. Similarly, most dental insurance policies also do not cover the cost of veneers.

This means that many patients looking to get ceramic veneers are left to pay out of pocket for the procedure.

Some dental studios may accept certain types of dental or medical insurance for their veneer procedure. As this is up to the individual clinic to decide which insurance policies they accept, you should contact the specific studio where you want to get your veneers done to inquire about which (if any) policies they accept. 

What to Expect From the Dental Ceramic Veneers Procedure

If this is your first time getting dental ceramic veneers, here are the three steps in the process. 

  1. Initial consultation. Before the procedure, you must first meet with a cosmetic dentist to discuss your desired results and what type of veneers will best help you achieve those results. 
  2. Dental preparation for your veneers. Your teeth must be prepped before the veneers can be placed on them by having some of the tooth surface removed (to ensure that your teeth do not end up seeming larger than normal). 
  3. Bonding veneers to your teeth. During your second appointment, you will have your veneers bonded to your natural teeth. 

Dental Ceramic Veneers Results

Ceramic veneers come with a host of benefits for individuals, some of the main benefits being: 

  • Correcting chipped teeth. 
  • Filling in gappy teeth. 
  • Eliminating teeth discoloration and stains. 
  • Correcting irregularities in tooth shape. 
  • A more cohesive smile. 
  • A smile that boosts your confidence. 
  • More convenient chewing and eating. 

Achieve A Perfect Smile At Our Luxury Dental Studio

At The Chicago Dental Studio, we believe that all dental procedures should be viewed as a spa day for your mouth. Our dental professionals reject the notion that a visit to the dentist needs a precursor of apprehension. Instead, we aim to create an immersive, relaxing dental experience for each one of our patients. 

Schedule an appointment at The Chicago Dental Studio today if you are interested in a luxury dental experience that makes you feel pampered. Our premium dental studio can provide you with dental veneers that complete your smile and give you a deserved confidence boost.


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